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At DJM Design CAD & Coordination, each specialty is handled by an engineer or technician specific to that trade. Our team provides the highest quality drawings and the fastest turnaround times in the industry. Whether your project is a new or renovation design we have the specialties and experience to understand the intricacies and coordinate each stage to boost your bottom line.

3D BIM Modeling and Project Coordination

From 3D modeling to BIM coordination, our professionals work with mechanical, electrical, and plumbing contractors, building owners, general contractors, architects, and engineers to make sure your next construction project is executed efficiently with our full suite of BIM services.
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3D Sheet Metal Modeling

Exact and accurate models of equipment and duct for coordination, fabrication, and easy installation.

3D Plumbing Modeling

Sanitary waste, vent, storm, domestic water, gas, medical gasses, or specialty piping is drawn per code and project requirements or redesigned to accommodate project conditions.

3D Mechanical Pipe Modeling

3D pipe, equipment, and specialties are drawn to match contract documents or redesign to fit project conditions including mechanical rooms, boiler rooms, and penthouses.
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3D Electrical Modeling

Ensure electrical drawings are up to code and meet installer needs. DJM models equipment, conduit, duct banks, lighting, and include accesses for installation and maintenance.
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3D Architecture Modeling

3D modeling of architectural elements including walls, windows, doors, and reflective ceiling plans for BIM coordination. 3D modeling of stud wall layouts can be provided with detailed material lists.
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3D Structure Modeling

Detailed 3D structures modeled for BIM coordination including footings, beams, columns, and other structural elements.
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3D Laser Scanning

Save up to 75% on-site verification. Capture exact site conditions without touching a measuring tape and avoid costly trade clashes and project delays with our high-resolution 3D scanning services.

Pre-Fabrication and Spooling

DJM will spool per your company standards and create individual spool drawings and spool maps for your prefabrication needs. Lower cost, boost field team productivity, and meet deadlines on your next project.
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Point file creation

Point files created for your total station layout of hangers, sleeves, and underground piping.
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3D Custom Part and Equipment Modeling

3D BIM compliant models for equipment, custom parts, or prototypes for use in construction, manufacturing, or specialty parts.
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We are happy to estimate 3D scanning, 3D drafting, BIM coordination, coordination drawings, fabrication drawings, and shop drawings for your next project. There is no job too small or too large.