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Our Navisworks certified team becomes your strategic partner. We understand that your time is money and take it seriously. Our US-based team of draftsmen and BIM coordinators will work with you as needed to troubleshoot trade clashes, reduce RFIs, and keep meetings to a minimum.

What DJM Design CAD & Coordination is known for

Our draftsmen and project managers are experts in...
Clash Detection

Clash Detection

Detailed explanations and markups done way ahead of the meeting time. Our PMs review clashes and confirm and notate RFIs in advance so that little meeting time is wasted in meandering discussion.



Having been trained in drafting, our PMs understand the ins and outs of BIM and can navigate the model with ease and if needed instruct other members of the project on how to use.

Collaborative Communication


We pride ourselves in our communication skills. Each of our project managers have a good working knowledge of drafting and are able to easily collaborate to reach solutions.

BIM Coordination problem analyzation and problem solving

True Problem-solvers

If the problem can’t be fixed easily, our team will analyze the bigger issues in the context of other trades to develop the best solution to the problem.

Time-saving Techniques

Time-saving Techniques

Advanced communication to keep meeting time under an hour and a half. We don’t waste your time. Our draftsmen work to resolve easy issues before meetings.

Assistance as needed

Assistance as needed

Our US based team of BIM experts are available as needed. If there are issues with a 3D model, our PMs will hop on a call and look for solutions with you ASAP.

Detailed Clash Reports
In Advance

Detailed clash reports are created prior to coordination meetings. Clashed are sorted, defined and detailed so that attendees are not sitting and watching while a coordinator weeds through the clashes. We do everything we can to save you time and money.

Trade Specific Specialists

Our team of highly specialized draftsman and project managers are trained experts and specialize in 3D modeling and coordination of these trades and more


Industry-Leading Architectural BIM Services

Mechanical Pipe

Industry-Leading Mechanical Pipe BIM Services


Industry-Leading Structural BIM Services

Plumbing BIM

Industry-Leading Plumbing BIM Services

Electrical BIM

Industry-Leading Electrical BIM Services


Industry-Leading Scan-to-BIM Services

A full-service honest approach
to BIM coordination

Our project managers can coordinate each step of your project from initial design through building documentation. We partner and work with the project's contractors, architects, and engineers to make sure your construction stays on schedule and avoids costly delays and changes.

Boost your projects bottom line before it even starts

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