Field point creation for any trade

Point files created for your total station layout of floor penetration, hangers, sleeves, and underground piping needed for your equipment.
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Point Placement:

Using the latest technology in advanced layout solutions, our team creates field points for underground pipe and conduit, floor penetration, and overhead hanger anchor locations.

Custom File Creation:

Depending on your needs, DJM can export from AutoCAD, Revit, and PDF files to fit the make and model of field layout equipment including .csv, .mep, .tfl and .bldg file extensions. These are as follows from the least to the most amount of information provided in the files:

  • CSV
  • LM80
  • MEP
  • 2.1 or earlier?can include building floorplan background
  • 2-4.6?can include building floorplan background
  • 5.0 or later?can include building floorplan background

Streamline field team operations and start saving time

Whether you have control points from your field equipment or not, our experts will partner with you to ensure that points are accurate, based on the building structure grid, and match field conditions. Contact us to see how our point cloud services can help on your next construction project.
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