Exact Site Conditions Without Touching a Measuring Tape

Avoid Costly Trade Clashes and Project Delays with Our High Resolution 3D Scanning Services

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What is 3D Laser Scanning?

By rotating a non-harmful laser beam in 360 degrees, 3D laser scanners are able to quickly capture the dimensions and details of a construction site with accuracy down to the millimeter and no room for human error. This process gives project managers, general contractors and architects an exact digital model of the surrounding space which can be used to coordinate the entire project.

Using the 3D Laser Scans

With laser scans trade teams reach new levels of productivity in a connected construction workflow.

Verify Site Conditions

Verify as built models and project plans with exact measurements and a high resolution 3D virtual model.

Project Coordination

Give your team the ability to take site measurements and evaluate project plans remotely with an exact 3D virtual model.

Remote Site Monitoring

Enable anyone on your team with access to the internet to walk through and observe the construction site with an easy to use high resolution 3D virtual model.

Clash Detection

Layer BIM models into the scan to spot trade clashes far in advance and get ahead of costly work order changes and project delays.

MEP 3D CAD Models

Use the exact site conditions and measurements captured by the 3D scanner to create BIM models for each trade on project.

Point Cloud Data

Have our highly trained 3D scanning specialists capture your project site data and create a file for you.

The Benefits of 3D Laser Scanning


Capture exact site conditions in a day and prevent time draining work order changes and project delays.


Save up to 75% on site verification and eliminate costly skilled trade hours and additional expenses in equipment rentals, trade materials, and project delays caused by inaccurate site data


Exact site conditions down to the millimeter that trade teams can rely on to make coordinated and accurate construction project plans

Using 3D Laser Scanning

3D scanning and other technologies have expanded to each piece of the construction process. Architects, civil engineers, sheet metal workers, and fire safety professionals all using 3D scanning in their project management to form better decisions and foster collaboration. We?ve seen applications across the project life-cycle.
  • Site Verification
  • Field Data Collection
  • Quality Control
  • Plant & Industrial Measurements
  • Progress Work Monitoring
  • BIM
  • VDC
  • As-Builts
  • High-Resolution Images

Boost your bottom line with 3D scanning

Prevent costly trade clashes with our 3D scanning services.
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