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See how our scanning services can reduce RFIs, trade clashes, and speed up project timelines with perfect measurements and remote coordination capabilities. Ideal for architecture, engineering, and construction firms.

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What is 3D scanning and how does it work?

3D scanning uses laser technology and high resolution photogrammetry to accurately capture every detail and measurement of a project space which can be used in clash detection, design, and trade coordination
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The Benefits

What 3D scanning will do for you

Save Time

Capture exact site conditions and measurements quickly and prevent time draining work order changes and project delays

Reduce Cost

Eliminate costly skilled trade hours and additional expenses in equipment rentals, trade materials, and project delays caused by inaccurate measurements

Boost Accuracy

Exact measurements within a fraction of an inch that trade teams can rely on to make coordinated and accurate construction project plans

When to use

What industries and use cases are ideal for 3D scanning


As-built data easily converted into CAD and BIM models using Autodesk, AutoCAD, and Revit


Capture and analyze site conditions to plan, verify and maintain facilities

BIM, Revit, & VDC

Site data and measurements easily converted to 3D models

Clash Detection

Easily spot design errors and trade conflicts

Real estate

Create high resolution walkthroughs to give clients a feel for the layout of your properties

Site Monitoring

Monitor site progress throughout the project timeline

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