Supercharge Your Workflow with 3D Scanning

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Boost Your Project's Bottom Line

Save Time

Capture exact site conditions in a day and prevent time draining work order changes and project delays.

Save Money

Save up to 75% on site verification and eliminate costly skilled trade hours and additional expenses in equipment rentals, trade materials, and project delays caused by inaccurate site data.

Increase Accuracy

Exact site conditions down to the millimeter that trade teams can rely on to make coordinated and accurate construction project plans

Coordinate and Measure remotely in 3D

3D laser scanners quickly capture the exact dimensions and details of your construction site. This can be used to verify as-built models, create a 360 degree virtual tour of your site, and in BIM coordination and clash detection. This gives project managers, general contractors, and architects the information they need to make well-informed project decisions.

Verify Site Conditions

Verify as built models and project plans without touching a tape measure

BIM Coordination

Use the 3D scans to create exact BIM models for each trade

Virtual Progress Monitoring

Tour the construction site and verify work with an easy to use high resolution 360 virtual model

Clash Detection

Layer BIM models into the scan to spot trade clashes prevent costly work order changes, RFIs, and project delays

Measure Remotely

Take measurement and project plan off-site with the 3D virtual tour

Project Coordination

Take site measurements and evaluate project plans remotely with an exact 3D virtual model

See how 3D scanning can save you time and money before your project even begins

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