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BIM compliant 3D duct drawings that meet your standards and project specifications

Our team of experts works closely with your team to ensure that the drawings created can be used for fabrication and installation. As an industry leader in coordinated sheet metal drawings, our team excels at depicting the smallest details.
  • Square, round, and oval
  • Specialty fittings
  • Insulation
  • Liners
  • Double wall conditions
  • Hangers
Overview of 3D Sheet Metal Model by DJM

Save Time and Money with our Sheet Metal BIM Services

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Streamline Your Workflows with BIM

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Why DJM is the Right 3D Design Partner

Partnering with a skilled 3D design firm unlocks unlimited possibilities for custom products, opening new doors for your business. This guide covers how to tap into 3D printing expertise to make your creative visions a reality.
  • We have expertise in various type of project
  • We provide detailed consultation for your project
  • We collaborate Throughout the Design Process
  • Troubleshooting any final tweaks needed