What Can a 3D Scan Do for You and Your Construction Project?

Published on - March 26, 2019

representation of studwall

You’ve heard about it, googled for information, and still wonder about what a 3D Scan can do for you?
Here’s a quick run down!

DJM will come to your site, set-up in just a few minutes and within a few hours will have captured hundreds of thousands of points saved into a three-dimensional Point Cloud file. This first step eliminates the need of costly time and labor involved with hand measuring the construction space.

The point cloud data files from the scanner are compiled. This file can then be viewed as a Virtual 3D Tour and be used to hold on-line meetings and even take dimensions of walls, ceilings, mechanical spaces, boiler rooms, view structure and see all the building’s scanned space for field verifications when needed. You can even test fit and measure potential new equipment in an area that you are replacing. Our technician can do this through a virtual equipment removal feature.

The 3D Scan files can be used to produce highly-accurate 3D Contract Drawings and 3D As-built Models. Once created, the models can also be used in Navisworks for Clash detections and incorporated into the BIM Coordination process.

With the technology of 3D Scanning and the skill of a Scan Technician, we can produce in just a few days what would normally take weeks to accomplish - saving considerable time and money!

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